The Fiesta de Mayo is all around Villa Ana Maria

The ‘Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo’, the Festivity of the Crosses of the Month of May, is part of one of the most beautiful popular festivals in Spain. It is held in the Santa Cruz district of Alicante, a picturesque place that puts its party clothes on to welcome these special fiestas.

For the festival, the streets fill up with flowers and colourful decorative elements. In addition, there is room for all kinds of fun and joyful activities for everyone during these days, from children's games to popular food via parades and costume contests.

The Festivity of the Crosses of the Month of May usually takes place between April and May. It happens in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, where there is a very warm atmosphere full of colour and crosses with carnations.

Its origins are based on a popular legend that speaks of Constantine I, the Great. According to the story, this character reigned for a few years and before facing the barbarians he had a kind of vision based on a very bright cross whose inscription read "with this sign, you will win".

Constantine had it built and managed to defeat the barbarians. After this episode, he became a Christian and sought the Cross of Christ. On Mount Calvary, his mother discovered several crosses and, to distinguish the real ones from the false, placed them on the sick who found relief by touching the true cross of Christ.

During the Festivity of the Crosses of the Month of May, a series of special events and activities are held in Alicante. On the first day, for example, there is a presentation of the queens and the opening speech of the festival, and after that other festive events take place: open-air concerts and dances, parades with musical groups, original costume contests, traditional games and snacks, ‘Rocío Mass’ and musical performances.

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