Santa Cruz Barrio


barrio de santa cruz en Alicante

You will fall in love with the narrow streets, full of typical Mediterranean houses in white and blue. Climb up its steep slopes and you will discover the character of its neighbors, who love and take care of it with care. Facades of tiles with different motifs, balconies decorated with flowers of all colors and types … A tour that will take you to the imposing medieval fortress of Santa Bárbarba.

Santa Cruz is a neighborhood full of joy, life and visitors. Tourists mingle with neighbors, and are always welcome. It is a friendly place of an extraordinary beauty. Along your tour, you will find bars and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy typical tapas and wines from Alicante. Another point of interest within the area is the Santa Cruz Hermitage, dating from the 18th century. This religious building was erected on one of the few remains left of the old medieval murals of the city, specifically on the Tower of the Ampolla. From this chapel, every year at Holy Week, the procession of Santa Cruz takes place, the most famous of all those held in Alicante. The route goes down the difficult slopes of the neighborhood to the center of the city, a sight you should not miss if you visit Alicante on those days.

Above the hermitage, you will find the Ereta Park, a perfect place for children and to relax and admire the sky. And if you are passionate about photography, you should know that the Santa Cruz Quarter has the best views of the entire city. When you reach the top of its streets, we recommend you stop at its viewpoints – the most beautiful is the one in the Hermitage-. From there, you can see all of Alicante, its neighborhoods, the coast, and even Tabarca Island on low tide days. Take your camera with you because you will not want to miss any of the details that the neighborhood offers you.

The Barrio de Santa Cruz has a unique personality, which is very difficult to find in capitals as large and visited as Alicante. It is an oasis of tradition and culture in the midst of urban life. In addition to the Holy Week, the neighbors of Santa Cruz celebrate a very special holidays, ‘Cruces de Mayo’. The festival takes place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May, and in it its inhabitants parade through the streets with crosses full of flowers made by themselves. If on these dates you are going to visit the city, you can not miss going up to Santa Cruz and enjoy this show.

Remember, when you visit this neighborhood, to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and be ready to walk and climb stairs. It’s worth it, because places like Santa Cruz are not seen every day.