Hiking   Trekking   Walking   in the Alicanta Mountains

 In the Costa Blanca mountains we have some of the most beautiful views one could imagine. Walking and Hiking in near perfect weather makes one feel privileged to be here.

The Alicante province is known by most for its coastal tourism. Not many know that it is one of the most mountainous provinces in Spain with peaks up to 1 500 m above sea level only a few km inland from the Mediterranean Sea. That is why hiking in Alicante is an activity that many practice and that those who do not know the area should not waste the occasion on one of their visits to its wonderful beaches. 

Some of the hiking routes use recent man made paths, but many use ancient Mozarabic trails reaching far into the heart of the mountains taking us through small Valencian villages where the Spanish dialect is hard to comprehend. Moorish and Christian castles are numerous.

The more adventurous walks and hikes follow animal tracks where you can explore hidden barrancos, river beds and new areas of known mountains. See eagles, voltures and hoopoe and deers, wild boars, foxes, snakes, goats and bulls. The range of mountain flora is amazing. The further inland you go the more secluded it becomes with hardly another person in sight all day.

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